The Santa Story Revisited

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Why a New Santa Story?

Are you dreading the day when it’s time to
tell your child the truth about Santa?
Larry Dossey

Do you still recall your own disappointment?

When asked about their own Santa experience, many adults immediately re-live the loss they felt when they learned the “truth”—Santa Claus isn’t real.

Make-Believe SantaSome people had the added embarrassment of having defended their parents’ honesty to their playmates, until they learned that they were mistaken to have done so.

Children who loved having Santa in their lives were confused about what to do “next.”

Most kids “find out” from their friends and then hide their discovery from their parents because:

  • They are afraid their parents will be upset with them
  • They are worried that they won’t get as many presents
  • They are confused about how to merge the new “truth” with the old paradigm
  • They don’t want to spoil their parents’ fun
Typically a child pretends to believe for two years after they have learned the truth. During this time they silently observe as their parents continue to maintain the deceit.

The Santa Story Revisited presents adults and kids with a Santa Claus that is even more magical.

Without having to justify the “real” aspect of Santa, the story can easily engage more fantasy.

When we play along “with” our children, our imaginations can lead to new traditions and delights.

The Santa Story Revisited teaches you how to “make-believe” in Santa along with your children.

Even an “already disappointed” child can engage in Santa “make-believing” and reactivate the fantasy and fun of the story.


Christmas Holiday Traditions

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